Remember to use only your own videos or to which you have the copyright.

Convert YouTube Shorts online

Get the soundtrack or video image from your shared short on YouTube without installing any additional software. Free YouTube Shorts Converter is an alternative to complicated and space-consuming audio and video editors.

MP4 file

Audio and video in mp4

You no longer need to search for multiple converters to different file types. Just select the appropriate Audio or Video format and click the Convert button.


Copy and paste

Copy the URL of your short YouTube video and paste it into our search box. The converter will separate the audio or video track in a few seconds.


Play and Download

After converting the file, you can listen to it, watch it or save it on your device. You don't have to worry about pop-ups and viruses.


How to convert YouTube Shorts to mp4?

  • Go to the website where your short video is hosted.
  • Copy its full URL including the http:// or https:// prefix.
  • Paste it into the converter, select the appropriate file format and click Convert.
  • Done! After a few seconds, your file should be ready. You can listen and watch it online or download it to your device for personal use.

Frequently Asked Questions