How to convert YouTube to MP3 in seconds?

YouTube app on the phone

YouTube is by far the most popular video sharing service in the world. Artists publish new music, music videos and albums premieres there. Many people use it for listening only. Ads and the inability to blank the screen can be annoying and significantly reduce the comfort of listening to your favorite songs. Is there a way to download the soundtrack to your phone or computer and play it at any time?

YouTube - MP3 converter

Fortunately, the internet does not leave us alone. On the web we can find many tools that will convert any YouTube video into the most popular audio format - MP3 in a few seconds. Just copy the URL of the video, paste it into the converter and click Convert. If the process was successful, information about the obtained file (title, description, size) will appear, as well as buttons to listen to and download the file.

Trim the song online

More advanced YouTube converters also offer the possibility to trim any part of the track. This is a useful option and it can save us a lot of time, because we do not have to look for additional tools on the network for this purpose. Before starting the conversion process, select the range from - to, which is usually in the HH:MM:SS format, which means hour, minute and second respectively.

MP3 compression speed

The higher the number of kilobits per second (kbps), the better the MP3 audio quality and the larger the file size. High kbps also affects the speed of the conversion process. In the case of MP3 files, most people think that 128 kbps is a good compromise between file size and sound quality.

Is it legal to convert YouTube?

Files downloaded by the converter, are intended for personal use only. Copyright is not infringed until we decide, for example, to use the work for commercial purposes or to copy and distribute it without the consent of the author. We also don't have to worry when we convert our own videos shared by us on YouTube.


YouTube-MP3 converters make it easy to listen to publicly shared music. Thanks to them, we do not have to install additional audio editing software on our computer. We can convert any movie quickly, easily and safely.